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Mandala Kit


This Mandala Dotting Kit contains 10 different colors of high-quality, non toxic paint in the standard set. The set comes with a black acrylic paint pen that is perfect for creating the dots and lines to make your mandala. It also includes an easy-to-follow instruction booklet with helpful tips on how to draw beautiful designs using this dotting kit! The Mandala Dotting Kit makes it easy to create beautiful works of art!

This mandala kit caters to the super popular new trend for dot art. Our kits come with two options - Standard and Professional, which lets you choose the tools by yourself. We recommend that beginners checkout the Standard kit. Create incredible Mandalas on rocks, T-shirts, mugs, plates and so much more! Take some time for yourself, ease your stress, pick up a tool, and enjoy the beautiful art or share it with your loved ones.

Mandala Dotting Kit


Mandala can be used on more surfaces than you think. We have had people use it on the following items:

- Ceramic Plates

- Coffee Mugs

- Porcelain tiles

- Glass Cups & Bottles

This kit is perfect for people who are not necessarily artists, but want to find their creative side with dotting tools. If you're looking for some fun times and doodling projects for kids, these tools are great because of its versatility and ease of use.

You can easily adapt some projects by using different dotting tools in several color combinations that are not included in our dot art kit - giving you access to an even greater range of colors that you'll love! Dot art will keep everyone entertained - no matter how old.

Dotting tools are great for everyone and anyone, including beginners. It's perfect for your next birthday party, sleepover or other event where you want to do something creative! Comes with everything you need, and the mandalas that can be made are endless; there's no right or wrong way to create awesome mandalas!

No artistic skills necessary - these kits make it easy to see awesome mandalas come alive as you paint them, and show off what you created.


Mandala Dotting Kit

If you buy the Standard Kit, you'll receive:

  • 9 Different paint colors (Black, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange , Red
  • 1 Black acrylic paint pen
  • Instruction Booklet

Mandala Dotting Kit

In the Professional Upgrade, you'll receive:

  • More Colors
  • Paint Applicators
  • More Designs
  • Instruction Booklet

Dotting tools can help you create some beautiful artwork on rocks, t-shirts, porcelain tiles, mugs, cups and so much more. Decorate your house or garden without investing too much money. All you need to spend is your cart subtotal. This kit is the perfect idea for adults that are into mandalas but don't have the artistic skills to do them themselves.

Dot Art is Culturally Significant

A mandala is an abstract design that represents the universe. The design usually has a central point with patterns flowing out in all directions.

Mandalas have been around for centuries and represent the universe in some cultures around the world. Some use mandalas in their artwork to represent the cosmic view of life. The dot art is traditionally drawn by using colored powders or sand. Paint can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Using Dotting Tools: A Therapeutic Form of Art

Mandalas are seen as therapeutic because they help people relax and focus on the beauty inside themselves or around them. If you've got some free time, make your own mandala for personal enjoyment. It's a great way to take some time to yourself and chill out!

Mandalas are an ancient form of art that serves as a great way to relax and relieve stress in adulthood or childhood - sometimes all you have to do is set the mandala in front of you and color! The best part about dot art with a mandala design is there's no right or wrong way. It's a fun medium you didn't know you needed and will learn to love, and everyone makes different interpretations.

What's great about mandala dotting is no artistic skills are necessary! Anyone can pick up the tools and have hours of creative entertainment. This activity requires easy clean-up - just use some paper towel or a damp cloth to get rid of any mistakes or messes from your dotting tools. The mandalas are endless; there's no wrong way to create awesome mandalas!


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