Kalimba | Easy-to-Play Fun Thumb Piano | Inner Color™

Kalimba - Inner Color™

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Fun Thumb Piano You Can Play In 5 Minutes!

Instead of texting, play some Kalimba! You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy your new Kalimba Instrument is to play - within minutes, you can learn to play a beautiful tune. 

Easy to play - No previous skills required, making it suitable for children and beginners. 

Portable design - It's the perfect size to carry around with you and it comes with a carry-on velvet pouch. Take your Kalimba anywhere with you, wherever you go! 

Stress relief - The tunes are so relaxing and peaceful, that even the pets fall asleep next to you. Kalimba is perfect for kids who spend too much time on their phones - it's an amazing hobby for all the family.

High-quality materials - Our Kalimbas are handmade from high-quality Mahagony and have stainless steel keys with engraved notes,  giving you the best possible sound quality.

What's Included?

Our Kalimbas are already tuned for you so you wouldn't have to worry about that! But just in case we will give you a small tuning hammer if you want to make adjustments.


  • A small book with instructions, including a few notes to practice on. 
  • Our newest design velvet carry-on bag.
  • Stickers to mark the keys in the beginning.

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