"Day Before Christmas" Paint by Numbers - Inner Color™

"Day Before Christmas" Paint by Numbers - Inner Color™

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Allow yourself this relaxing and therapeutic experience with a Paint by Numbers kit, the perfect way to distance yourself from every-day matters and reconnect. Create your own masterpiece that requires zero artistic ability.

Bring a little artistic touch to your home with one of our professionally designed canvases that you can paint by number. Your finished piece is ready to hang and will add a little culture to any dull space!

No experience required.

Can't draw? No problem! Just follow the numbers and you can have a unique painting in just a few hours! With no talent required, our Paint by Numbers sets are great for all ages and abilities. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Something different!

Forget about your phone for a while and experience something real made with your own hands. Share this experience with your children and loved ones! Play your favorite music, make some tea and create real memories. 

It's assumed that you're no Picasso, and we promise to keep it that way. Relax your senses and let your mind wander: the only thing you need is a steady hand and some patience (oh, and not to press too hard on the numbers...).

Guaranteed zero artistic ability!

Stress Management Benefits

Paint by Numbers kits offer plenty of benefits for those who prefer soothing activities such as yoga or meditation. The paintbrush in your hand will assist you in de-stressing.

You can enjoy this activity with friends or family members and it'll be a great bonding experience where memories are created instead of selfies with duckfaces or over-edited Facebook photos of landscapes. Also, try doing this with your children! 

You can find Paint by Numbers kits at our online store, enjoy the fun experience and let us know what you think of it!

Your mind wants to rest.

Just like your physical body needs to rest, the mind also needs to let go of thoughts. You can feel this yourself, the sessions will induce a deep and relaxed meditative state of mind. 

Take a break and be here, now!

Feel the linen canvas, see each beautiful stroke you put on the painting and watch the painting come alive!

Notice how fresh and energized you feel after finishing paint by numbers, as if you had just woken up from deep and beautiful dream filled with colors.

How does it work?

The canvas is covered in numbers. Each number represents a color of the provided paint pot (hence the term "paint by number"). Fill the numbered space with the corresponding color. Follow all the numbers, become an artist!

Use your canvas as your own wall art!

Your canvas can be a unique and beautiful piece of your own awesome wall art, stunning work that's perfect for your living room or bedroom wall! Or it makes the perfect gift for someone you love.

What's included in the kit?

  • Ready-to-use Acrylic Paint Pots with numbers.
  • 3 Paint Brushes of multiple sizes.
  • Numbered canvas (High-grade linen fabric canvas).
  • Reference photo of the finished painting.
  • For 40x50cm painting, a maximum of 24 colors will be provided for each kit, and for 60x75cm you will get a double amount of paint.
  • If you choose the DIY frame option we will send you all the necessary parts to make your own wooden frame for your Paint by Numbers kits masterpieces.

Paint by Numbers kits are the ideal solution to decrease stress, spend quality fun time with your loved ones, express creative talents, gift to your friends or family members, and create real memories and hang something unique on your wall.

Happy Painting!

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