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Spiritual Bracelets

Stay Positive with a Spiritual Bracelet

Spiritual bracelets are your ticket to becoming more in tune with your spiritual side. You can reach a deep level of tranquility while wearing this accessory, and experience some very interesting meditation sessions.

A bracelet that'll help you stay connected to positive energies around the world, this spiritual piece of jewelry is perfect for anyone who wants their outlook on life improved. It's small enough so it can fit in your pocket or purse and just as easy to wear no matter where you go! No more negative energies.


The use of spiritual bracelets goes back to around 800 B.C., when they were used in Scandinavian countries during ceremonies and religious rites.

The Celts also wore them, but their design was slightly different from what we wear today; instead of using metals and gems, they made these pieces out of leather, bones and animal horns.

Once the 400s came into play, metal bracelets became much more popular in Europe and Asia Minor; Greek soldiers often wore them to symbolize unity with each other while fighting for their countries.

During the medieval period (600-1450), monks would make bracelets out of materials like gems and quartz crystals in order to enhance their spiritual connection. They weren't worn as jewelry by laymen or women, but used for meditation and prayer.

Today, we usually wear our bracelets for style and decoration purposes; however, the energy and symbolism of these accessories has remained unchanged throughout time. You can still feel what we did when we wore them in ancient times: a sense of power and strength that comes from within.

Spiritual Bracelet Meaning

The gemstones used to make spiritual bracelets are very symbolic; it's often not about the type of gem or stone you choose, but how it makes you feel while wearing it.

For instance, Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" due to its ability to amplify energy and natural healing properties, so someone who's trying to get rid of anxiety would benefit more from this bracelet than someone who's dealing with a broken heart.

Some people believe that these items have the ability to absorb energy from the universe and transform it into something positive so you can achieve balance in all areas of your life. The stones are known for their metaphysical properties.