Scratch Art for Beginners: Draw a Picture with Your Fingers - Inner Color

Scratch Art for Beginners: Draw a Picture with Your Fingers

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Scratch Art for Beginners: Draw a Picture with Your Fingers - Inner Color

Do you love to draw? Have you always wanted to be able to create beautiful pictures, but have found the medium of paper too limiting? Well now there's a new way for beginners like yourself!

Scratch art for beginners is a fun and creative way to experiment with different drawing tools without having to invest in any. It's easy, affordable and can produce fantastic results. In this blog post we'll show you how scratch art works so that you can give it a try for yourself!

The Inner Color offers a Scratch Art for Beginners Kit that contains everything you need to get started. We offer designs such as the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Tokyo, and more!

So now you've got the kit and are ready to get started. Gently scratch away the protective layer with any sharp object like an old key or nail file. The white-coated surface beneath will reveal what your fingers have created! Just pick up some paint pens or markers and begin drawing.

Remember that each finger can be used as its own pencil, so use them accordingly - switching between colors when necessary! Now it's time to share your masterpiece with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

The Scratch Art for Beginners kit includes a 16x11 in/41x28cm scratch pad, a bamboo paint stick, and instructions.

What materials do I need?

The only materials you need are a sheet of scratch art paper and something to scratch it with. The Inner Color provides scratch art kits that includes a kit with everything you need. We recommend using either your fingernails or the edge of an eraser when starting out so you can see where you're drawing.

How do I start?

To scratch, take the object that has been designated as "scratching" and drag it across the surface in any direction. If you want to add detail without scratching again, just press down on top of it lightly for a short period of time before lifting up and moving off gently. Try not to overwork one area if possible!

What does scratch art look like?

Now some art history - scratch art is designed after traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique called ukiyo-e (浮世絵). The designs were scratch out of the woodblock by using a tool called baren, which is covered with ink.

What are some scratch art patterns?

We have the following Scratch Art designs available:

Sydney Opera House, Singapore, Red Square, Castle, Florence, Berlin, Canada, Seoul, Hamburg, New York, Budapest, Tokyo, Tower Bright, Cologne Cathedral, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Victoria Harbour, Las Vegas, Taj Mahal, Amusement Park, and Malaysia

Our kits come with a blank scratch art paper so that you can make your own scratchboard drawing! You scratch out the design with your fingers and then color it in afterwards.

What should I scratch?

Scratch art looks beautiful once it's finished. You can take it anywhere since there are no materials necessary aside from what was already given at birth. All you need are your fingers, one of our scratch art kits, and your creativity!

How is scratch art done?

There are a few ways scratch art is done.

One way, called free scratch, requires no sketching and the paint will only stick to your fingers when you scratch it off! Another way involves carefully drawing an outline of what you want to scratch and then scratching around that line with scissors in hand.

Another way is to use scratch art paper. Some aficionados like to experiment with different materials and techniques; other scratch artists prefer nice clean lines that can only be done with crayons or markers.

Whatever your preferred technique may be, you'll find plenty of others who share your passion for this unique form of expression in any community online!

Why scratch instead of paint or paper?

Scratch can be a creative way to make art that's also easy. And scratch art will never be ruined by spilled paint or rain. It's also safe for younger kids.

If paint or bright oil pastels are hit by rain, it gets ruined and can't be used again. The same can even happen with black ink. With scratch art, it just blends in with the artwork for a more interesting effect!

What are the best scratch materials?

Experienced scratch artists may want to use papers that have a bit of texture, like toothpaste boxes, old comic books and even cardboard from cereal boxes; those who choose this material need not worry about using too much pressure because they'll get plenty of traction with these surfaces. Novice scratch artists should opt for anything smooth like paper plates or sheets of plastic.

Our kits contain a ready-made canvas with a pre-made design to make it easy to get started. They also include a blank page so you can make your own design.

How do I make my artwork last longer?

Once an artwork is done it can't always withstand being touched, so some experts recommend putting a layer of clear nail polish over the entire image before storing in a frame on the wall as well as sealing with materials such as varnish.

What should I scratch with?

A scratch pencil, a kneaded eraser and an assortment of different materials like sandpaper or toothpicks can all be used for scratch art. It's always best to try these out beforehand at home before using them in public so you know what they're capable of as well as how much pressure is needed to create the desired effect.

This hobby is a fun way to scratch the creative itch of drawing if you don't have black ink or a white board, but if you're looking for something different you should try out scratch art instead.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful and that scratch art will be a new hobby for you to enjoy!

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